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CSRA Diving

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Vienna Elmgreen

Vienna is a 16 years old, who is no stranger to sports. Vienna is an accomplished martial artist with a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, in addition to being a very skilled Lacrosse player. After her martial arts studio closed in 2015, she wanted to play another sport in addition to lacrosse and chose to start swimming for her high school. After finding out that her high school was in need of more divers for their team and some slight encouragement from her dad, Vienna decided to try it.  "It took a few practices to get comfortable with the way things worked, but very quickly I gained more confidence, grew comfortable, found a love for a sport that I had not found in anything else." A scholar at heart Vienna is ranked #13 out of 427 students in her graduating class with a 3.9 GPA.  Vienna hopes on majoring in biochemical engineering and intends on pursuing further educational endeavors by then continuing her education at Johns Hopkins Medical School to become a Cardio Thoracic Surgeon. V, has a passion for dinosaurs, and if you play dinosaur trivia with her you are bound to lose.

Academic Honors and Other Accomplishments

3.9 GPA

Math Honor Society

Spanish Honor Society

Science National Honor Society

National Honor Society


Social Studies National Honor Society

Honors Program and Augusta University

Certified Nurses Asistant

Diving Accomplishments

2017 South Carolina Thanksgiving Invitational (AAU)

          - 16-18 Girls 1m Novice - Third Place (Bronze Medal)

          - 16-18 Girls 3m Novice - Six Place

 2017 Southwest Florida Diving - Leaping Lizards Invitational

          - 16-18 Girls 1m Novice - Champion (Gold Medal)

          - 16-18 Girls 3m Novice - Champion (Gold Medal)

2017 AAU Wellington Invitational

          - 16-18 Girls 1m Novice - Second Place (Silver Medal)

          - 16-18 Girls 3m Novice - Seventh Place

2017 Clemson Diving Club Invitational (AAU)

          - 16-18 Girls 1m Intermediate - Third Place (Bronze Medal)

          - 16-18 Girls 3m Intermediate - Third Place (Bronze Medal)

2016 Clemson Diving Club Thanksgiving Invitational (AAU)

           - 14-15 Girls 1m Novice - Third Place (Bronze Medal)

            - 14-15 Girls 3m Novice - Third Place (Bronze Medal)

High School Diving

2018 GHSA Columbia Co. GA, Swimming and Diving Championship

- High School Girls 1 meter - Champion (Gold Medal)



  1 Meter

          2017 SWFD- Leaping Lizards Invite (AAU) - 215.15 (July 8, 2017    

  3  Meter

            2017 SWFD- Leaping Lizards Invite (AAU) - 237.30  (July 8, 2017)   


  None at This Time